Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says

Spring Cleaning Your Mental Health: Tips and Tricks for Creating a Balanced Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to Season 2 of Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says! We are kicking off our new season with a solo episode all about "spring cleaning" your mental health and physical wellbeing. Ryanne and Lauren share tips and tricks to get you into the best state of mind before summer.

Episode Notes

On this episode:




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Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says Podcast is not a replacement for therapy. The conversations, guests, and tips talked about on the episodes are provided as educational, thought provoking, and to be inspiring and are NOT specific theraputic advice. The views of our guests reflect their own personal experiences and perspectives. Information and tips heard on the episodes are to be used at your own caution and discretion as they are not being given by a therapist that knows you personally. As always please seek out your own individual mental health care to best serve you.